Our staff has the knowledge and experience to challenge and grow your organization, making it more efficient and effective. Each client receives an individualized development plan which is used to monitor the progression of the organization/individual.



Founder & President, ReMe LLC, Corporate Adviser

Teka possesses the ability to effectively guide many to move out of their own way, allowing their God-given giftings to make room for them. From professional to personal, her ability to help others identify their problems is life changing. She created a step by step coaching model called Re-Me during during one of life's darkest moments. By going through this coaching model herself, she solidified it's effectiveness and continues it by teaching it to others. Teka has trained large corporations, various school systems, churches, non-profits and serves philanthropically throughout her community. 


Bob Mackey

Life Coach

Bob Mackey is dynamic and caring professional who uses his gifts for inspiration and motivation to inspire young men and women to achieve success in life. He has spoken before to over 40,000 youth and adults and developed successful programs for schools, clubs and organizations all over the South, which has led him to the founding of M-Powering Choices.

Bob spent half of a decade working for the Department of Juvenile Justice as a Professional Social Service Worker and Probation Officer. Bob’s work with youth is getting results, in part because of his ability to engage and inspire, but also because he follows through with the students with whom he works. 100% of the young men who completed his initial mentoring program went on to work or college, and of those, 80% went to the college of their choice – very impressive by anyone’s standards.



Teka is a captivating speaker. She engages the audience and pulls them in to whatever message she is trying to convey. She controls the mood of those listening and always ends on a positive note leaving the listening refreshed and fulfilled.

Sonia W. Gowen, Director

Serotta Maddocks Evans & Co., CPA's