Re-Me: We will be better

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So when does the new chapter of my life begin? Today looks and feels just like yesterday. I do see a tad bit of hope veering at me in the corner, but she stands so far off that I have resolved to ignore her presence for the time being. I swear this night mare repeats every day and I just can’t seem to find the dang button that restarts my life anywhere! I have been fortunate enough to click this button on my computer, phone, and even my handy dandy electronic notebook. But nowhere in my life have I identified that button which with one click everything stops, goes blank, and starts anew. How frustrating it is dealing with the same issues day in and day out, the same bill collectors’ day in and day out. I know this may come as a surprise to you Mr. Bill collector person, but if I didn’t have your money yesterday, it’s a pretty good chance I won’t have it today!


Day in and day out this same chapter keeps repeating itself…until today. Today feels different. Today I feel like I have the strength to gather all the things I cannot control and escort them to an unknown exit of my life. I feel like I can begin again or rather be me again. Today I am embarking upon a new strength all on my own. I didn’t have to call mama pleading for prayer, or my girlfriend asking for guidance, while simultaneously texting my pastor, ‘please pray for me.’ I just simply feel like fighting to become me all over again. Today I realized that I have been in a dark place for far too long. My days were stolen by an unseen enemy who didn’t play fairly and now I am ready to call him on his foul play. Today I realized that darkness was residing in my home without helping with the mortgage whatsoever. Today I realized there is power in becoming me. I finally found the remedy for me or my internal restart button. That button has reinvention all on it, matter of fact, I have nick named it Re-Me! Well today I pressed it…


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