Life is too short to not live each day on purpose. I fully believe each individual has an assigned purpose and it is my desire to guide as many people possible into that God given purpose.


Reinvent Me...


Reinvention is a daily process, so why not reach out to me today, so I can help customize your very own personal Re-Me plan as you Re-develop your goals and begin to live life on purpose.



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I want to share my journey of reinvention with the WORLD! I recently endured one of life’s toughest storms and I AM STILL STANDING! The Process of reinvention hasn’t been easy, but it has been worth it. I have nicknamed my reinvention process “Re-Me” which is short for reinvent me. My book which is filled with 15 daily challenges on being reinvented will help any person in a dark place, happy place, or simply just taking up space in any place! Join me for the ride of a life time and find YOU as we “Re-Me” together and get better.

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Teka Downer

Owner/ Consultant


Teka is a great motivational speaker. She has this inner strength and it shows by her actions and support she provides.


Pat Goodwin, Community Relations Director | Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Executive Partners

Teka is the genuine article. If you want someone who can speak the real truth, who can reach right in and grab your heart, then you want Teka. In a roomful of strangers, it feels like she has a direct line to you. You will feel it and come away changed. I know I have on many occasions.

Julie K. Miller, MPA

Executive Director Columbia County Community Connections